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Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-Controlled Storage

Neutz Moving and Storage

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Neutz Moving operates out of a 22,500 sq-ft facility with full security and fire protection. We have strategic local partnerships to provide up to 80,000 sq-ft. of storage. Don't rely on guessing how much space you need, pay only for the required storage, not more than necessary. We also provide FREE quilt-wraps, furniture pads, and protection when storage is placed with us. Our warehouse is climate controlled and fully equipped with internal and external security cameras. In addition, the stand-alone storage facility is completely lighted, monitored, and has sprinkler system. 

Residential Storage

Our wooden vault system has many benefits for both commercial and residential storage. It provides a second level of security, leak protection, convenient separation, and ample padding for your belongings.  Each vault is 5'X8'X7', will hold approx. 1,500lbs of household items. Since its compartmentalized, you only pay for the vaults needed, saving you money.    

Short-Term Staging

For customers that only need temporary or weekly storage while in transit, our warehouse has specific areas to easily move your goods from the truck to the floor, then back onto the truck to its final destination. A time/money saving solution if all you need is staging space. 

Records Storage

Neutz BusinessClass Moving can come to your home or office pickup record boxes, list and tag, then palletize for safe storage. It's that easy.  Each pallet will handle about 40 boxes for storage.

Business Asset Storage

If you have non-essential assets, assets on hold, or your office is too cluttered, give us a call.  We can come out, list and tag items, prepare for storage and bring it to our warehouse where it will be palletized or put in a wooden vault.  Our per sqft climate controlled cost is approximately $2.29. If you are paying more than that for your office space, you may want to give us a call.

Storage Tips and Tricks

One of the biggest issues with storage is the loss of hardware to items that were disassembled.  Make sure that if you disassemble items or have movers disassemble items, that the hardware is bagged and placed in a specfic box labeled hardware.  

Do not shrink-wrap or plastic bag certain items such as leather or suede.  These items tend to sweat, creating mold during storage.

Do not mix explosive or volatile chemicals with your storage. Bleach in boxes may drip while in storage, causing more damage than the cost of a gallon of bleach.

Make a list of items going into storage that you might need to access later, such as winter clothes. Color code boxes, furniture, or other items such that the mover will place these items in an easily accessible area of the storage or vault. 

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