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Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation

Business Moving

Bringing the right resources at the right time eases the burden for every project, cost-effectively.  Our best practices in commercial moving, strategic partnerships, skilled labor, and abundance of moving equipment allow us to better service our customers.     

Project Management

Neutz Business Class Moving has several project managers who can handle anything from small "across town" office relocations to large retail storefront rollouts.  Project managers have a minimum four year college degree and been involved in many moving projects.    

Facilities & Equipment

Neutz BusinessClass Moving operates out of a 22,500 sq-ft facility with full security and fire protection. We have strategic local partnerships to provide up to 80,000 sq-ft. We are outfitted with several forklifts, hand lifts, and state-of-the-art moving equipment. For moving projects requiring staging, asset management, crating, and palletizing, we are ready.  

Skilled Labor

Neutz BusinessClass Moving has several individuals skilled in electrical work, computer networking, workspace setup, and engineering.  Project managers have full access to assemble the right team players to accomplish your move project.  

Workflow Process

Every project, large or small, must have a workflow process to be successful. We want to ensure that core business, employees, or your client are impacted with the least amount of interruption as possible.  Identifying critical workflow factors that will affect the move project is key to developing a great workflow process.  Regardless of the size of project you might have, Neutz BusinessClass Moving will assist you with creating a workflow process, at no additional charge.  We know this will benefit our services, as much as it will benefit your project.

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Neutz Business Class Moving understands that every project must be tailored to the specific requirements needed to accomplish a desired goal.  

Our commercial program assigns a project manager to oversee each aspect of the job to ensure concise continuity of services to meet the desired outcome. From proposal to end of project reporting, our team will ensure the necessary experience, workflow, tools, and labor to exceed your expectations.
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