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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Neutz Moving and Storage offers a free estimate to help you determine resources and packing materials needed for your move.
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You will be judged by the quality of your work! Our company knows that quality assurance is an investment. 

Computerized Estimates

Our quality assurance program begins here. We prefer guaranteed pricing for all long distance and business moves. This requires intricate details, "know-how", and systems. For local moves, most states requires "hourly basis". We utilize our systems and "know-how" to break down your move so that we can get a hourly budget and cost for your move. We not only want accurate budgets for our customers, but we want to ensure that our movers have the right equipment, crew, and trucks to optimize the amount of time and expense. 

Neutz Moving is fully automated with job management software ensuring on-time, careful, and move managment for every job. With 11.5 million pounds of household moving each year, our job managment software helps us ensure the quality and attention you deserve.

Customer Care Center

There are important logistics to meet for every move, not just on our end but also on our customer's end.  On most local moves, but always on long distance or business moves, we will assign the job to our customer care center.  The customer care center is there for you and you only. Once the move is booked, they will call you to ensure services and timelines. They will call you just before the move date to go over crews, supplies, times, and provide any additional service required that may not have gotten done on your part. They will call during the move to make sure everything is going smoothly. They will call after the move to followup on issues that need attention, debris pickup, and to ensure your satisfaction with the company. Of course, the care center builds a personal relationship with you, so if you would rather do the calling on a need basis, just let them know. We are here for you.

Major Carrier Investments

As part of a larger, more experienced team, any mover will benefit with a relationship with a major carrier, such as NorthAmerican Vanlines. They have been around the block, a little more times than we have. They require full inspection of equipment every 6 months, whereas the DOT only requires inspection each year. They require full background checks, drug testing, and physicals on all certified employees. They have systems, "know-how", and processes that can be drawn upon to assist agents to create a better service and outcome for their customers. As a local, smaller company, we have the extra advantage of being more focused an flexible for our clients. The best of both companies!

Employee Incentives

Our drivers and movers are given extra pay for safe, happy customers. The "Atta Boy" program pays the movers additional money when you call in and let us know they did an exceptional job for you. We implore pride to our crews for a job well done.

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Are you looking for an exceptional moving company that will deliver nothing but the best? Neutz Moving and Storage is among the leading movers in the nation. Give us a call today!

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