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We are very sorry that you found it necessary to file a damage claim. We want to ensure that we properly follow up on your claim and we will make every effort to work with you through the process.

Please fill out the form and submit it to us. We will acknowledge reciept of the claim within 10 days or less. You must include a phone number or we not be able to reach you. We may need to collect more information, so have your Bill of Lading and Declaration of Value.  

1. We will need to get a signed copy of your claim. This can be done by the adjuster or sent to you by mail. 
2. We will schedule a date and time to meet with the adjuster. If the repairs can be done at that time and at your request, the adjuster will make arrangements. 
3. Adjuster will implement action plan which may include pay out based on Declaration of Value, schedule repair or pick up for repair, or deny claim by item if the damage was either prior damage or not covered within scope of services.
4. We have 30 days to respond to all claims and 90 days to present an action plan. Most claims are resolved within 30 days. 
5. The adjuster may need documentation on value of items, if not specified in Declaration of Value. You may want to have this available, upon request.

Once again, we apologise that damage occurred during our service. We want to make sure that we, timely, address these issues. At anytime you feel your concerns are not being addressed, please call us immediately.
For your convenience, we have provided an on-line version of our Claim Form to expedite your claim process. Please complete the claim forms if needed.

A receipt of your claim will be acknowledged and a claim adjuster will be assigned. Your claim adjuster will review the claim and contact you with any further instructions or info regarding your domestic moving claim services.

Since all damaged items are subject to inspection, please do not proceed with any repairs and do not dispose of any damaged items. A "comments" section has been provided at the end of the claim form should you need to provide further explanation for any items or issues referenced in your claim.
Name on Your Bill of Lading
Value, as selected on your Declaration of Value Agreement
Date of Move
If full value then, value selected and deductible (separate by comma)
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